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  1. Parents should avoid asking for leave for their wards unless essential.
  2. Leave of absence is granted only on a written application duly signed by the parent or guardian or a telephone message on the day of absence (message received later than the date will not be entertained)
  3. Any student absenting himself/herself on from the day the school re-opens after a break shall be fined ` 50/- per day unless the leave has been sanctioned.
  4. A student who absents himself from morning roll call shall pay a fine of ` 20/- (fine for late coming is ` 20/-).
  5. The name of the student, who remains absent from school for six consecutive days without prior information in writing, will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission if granted, shall be given on payment of a re-admission fee of ` 500/-.
  6. Special fine will be imposed if a student-
    1. Misbehaves.
    2. Uses unfair means in an examination.
    3. Violates the discipline of the school.
    4. Attends the school without proper uniform.
    5. Misses classes before the examination.
  7. Students found using unfair means during examination will be dealt with severely. The following punishments are likely to be imposed depending upon the seriousness of the cases:-
    1. Heavy fine and/or suspension.
    2. Detention in the same class.
    3. Expulsion from the school.
  8. An application for leave on medical grounds must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a qualified doctor with his registration stamp on it.
  9. Attendance on Saturday & during school functions is mandatory.

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