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Monthly Tuition Fee
Monthly Tuition Fee (for Lockdown Period Apr - June, 2020)
A/c Head UKG I to II III to V VI TO VIII IX & X XI & XII
Tuition Fee (Monthly) 3370.00 3070.00 3070.00 3070.00 3110.00 3160.00
Tuition Fee (Quarterly)
(Apr. to Jun 20)
10110.00 9210.00 9210.00 9210.00 9330.00 9480.00
**NOTE: Monthly Tuition Fee can be paid online through PAYTM and Parent eCare Panel.

Dear Parent,
Kundan Vidya Mandir really appreciates the efforts of all the stakeholders in the troubled times.

This pandemic has proved that we can overcome any adversity when we help each other. With your full-fledged co-operation, KVM switched to new online teaching tools in these adverse circumstances, so that the academic progress of the students was not hindered. The wholehearted appreciation received from you encouraged us to explore new vistas of learning/teaching and we are sincerely grateful for it.

This pandemic is nothing like what we have seen before and the economic impact is expected to be large. You would appreciate, finances are very important for running an institution of this size and any impact on the collection of fees for the school is bound to have a domino effect on all the stakeholders. In this light, the Punjab Government has also issued directions as per which we may collect the Tuition Fee for the months of April and May till 31st May, 2020 and for the month of June by 15th June, 2020. They've also directed that no other charges be collected for the lock down period. Thus, keeping in mind the constraint on liquidity, existing economic situation and the advisory of the Punjab Government, the management of Kundan Vidya Mandir School has decided:

1 Not to increase the tuition fees this year. Accordingly, the school will be collecting tuition fee as per the amounts specified in the previous session (2019-20);

2. To further extend the last date of collection of Tuition fees, which are otherwise collected on a quarterly basis to be paid on monthly basis. Accordingly, the due dates for payment will be: -
– Tuition Fee for the month of April 2020 can be deposited till 5th June, 2020
– Tuition Fee for the month of May 2020 can be deposited till 20th June, 2020
– Tuition Fee for the month of June 2020 can be deposited till 5th July, 2020
* Should you wish to make the payment on quarterly basis, you can do so as per your convenience.

You will appreciate that this decision is keeping in mind the existing advisory of the Punjab Government and the current evolving economic situation. Due to this ever evolving situation, we reserve our right to re-evaluate the position on the fees in the coming days. You will appreciate that Kundan Vidya Mandir has paid full salaries to its entire staff.

Kundan Vidya Mandir believes that the safety of our students is extremely important. We are ensuring that the school is completely sanitized and all sanitization and preventive measures are in place when the school reopens and our children are back in the campus in the safe environment.

Thank you for your support and looking forward for your cooperation as always.

With warm regards

P.S. The payment can be made by clicking the following link ecare.kundanvidyamandir.com and going to the online fee payment option or through the E-care App from Monday, 1st June, 2020 8.00 am.

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