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Date Day Event
09-Apr-2018MondayInter-House Bulletin Board Decor Cont-III-V
09-Apr-2018Monday Inter-House Bulletin Board Decor Cont-III-V
13-Apr-2018Friday House Meeting-VI-VIII
18-Apr-2018WednesdayInter-House Bulletin Board Decor Cont-VI-VIII
20-Apr-2018Friday Inter House Bulletin Board Decor Cont-IX-X
20-Apr-2018FridayInter House Bulletin Board Decor Cont-XI-XII
21-Apr-2018Saturday Intra Class Sports Activity-VIII
23-Apr-2018Monday Intra Class English Poem Reci Cont-VI-VIII
25-Apr-2018Wednesday Intra Class Debate Cont-IX-X
25-Apr-2018WednesdayIntra Class Grpup Discussion-XI-XII
25-Apr-2018WednesdayIntra-ClassSports Cont/Class Assembly-V
Date Day Event
05-May-2018SaturdayAnnual Prize Distribution Function
08-May-2018TuesdayIntra Class Dance Contest (I)
09-May-2018WednesdayInter-House English Poem Recitation Cont(III-V)
10-May-2018ThursdayInter-House G.K Quiz Contest (X)
10-May-2018ThursdayInter-House G.K Quiz Contest (XI-XII)
11-May-2018FridayIntra Class Sports Cont/Class Assembly (II)
19-May-2018SaturdayIntra-Class Hindi Poem Recitation Contest(KG)
23-May-2018WednesdayNritya Tarang
Date Day Event
16-Jun-2018SaturdayMart. Day of Guru Arjun Dev Ji
Date Day Event
13-Jul-2018FridayIntra Class Hindi Poem Recitation Contest
16-Jul-2018MondayInter House Bulletin Board Decoration Contest
18-Jul-2018WednesdayIntra Class Hindi Story Telling Contest
27-Jul-2018FridayInter House Talent Search Contest
Date Day Event
03-Aug-2018FridayIntra-Class Sports Contest/Class Assembly
04-Aug-2018SaturdayInter-Class Bulletin Board Decoration Contest
07-Aug-2018TuesdayInter-Class Hindi Poem Recitation Contest
10-Aug-2018FridayIntra-Class Poem Recitation Contest
10-Aug-2018FridayInter-Class Bulletin Board Decoration Contest
15-Aug-2018WednesdayIndependence Day
18-Aug-2018SaturdayInter-House Essay Writing Contest
18-Aug-2018SaturdayInter-House Essay Writing Contest
23-Aug-2018ThursdayIntra-Class English Poem Recitation Contest
Date Day Event
15-Sep-2018SaturdayOn the spot Drawing Contest (KG)
24-Sep-2018MondayBlood Donation Drawing contest (I-V)
25-Sep-2018TuesdayInter House Creative Writing Cont (IX-XII)
Date Day Event
06-Oct-2018SaturdayInter-House on the Spot Painting Cont(VI-VIII)
17-Oct-2018WednesdayFounder's Day
18-Oct-2018ThursdayFounder's Day
Date Day Event
03-Nov-2018SaturdayIntra Class Sports Day(KG Section)
03-Nov-2018SaturdayInter House Bulletin Board Decor Cont(IX-X)
16-Nov-2018FridayIntra Class Hindi Calligraphy Cont(I-II)
17-Nov-2018SaturdayIntra Class Painting Cont(IX-X)
17-Nov-2018SaturdaySports Activity (VI)
19-Nov-2018MondayIntra Class English Calligraphy Cont(I-II)
19-Nov-2018MondayInter House Bulletin Board Decoration Cont(III-V)
20-Nov-2018TuesdayIntra Class English Story Telling Cont(KG Section)
21-Nov-2018WednesdaySports Activity (VII)
22-Nov-2018ThursdayInter House Hindi Poem Reci Cont(VI-VIII)
Date Day Event
06-Dec-2018ThursdayIntra-Class English Poem Recitation Contest (I-II)
10-Dec-2018MondayIntra-Class Sports Contest/Class Assembly (III)
12-Dec-2018WednesdayIntra-Class Expression Speech Contest English (KG)
26-Dec-2018WednesdayIntra-Class English Easy Writing Contest (IV-V)
Date Day Event
11-Jan-2019FridayInter-House Bulletin Board Decoration Contest (VI-VIII)
15-Jan-2019TuesdayIntra-Class Current Affairs Quiz Contest (VI)
16-Jan-2019WednesdayInter-House English Declamation Contest (III-V)
17-Jan-2019ThursdayInter-House Bulletin Board Decoration Contest (III-V)
18-Jan-2019FridayInter-House Group Discussion (VIII)
19-Jan-2019SaturdayIntra-Class Social Science Quiz Contest (VII)
21-Jan-2019MondayIntra-Class General Science Quiz Contest (VIII)
22-Jan-2019TuesdayInter-Class G.K Quiz Contest (I-II)
23-Jan-2019WednesdayIntra Class Sports Contest/Class Assembly (IV)
25-Jan-2019FridayInter-House G.K Quiz Contest (III-V)
Date Day Event
07-Feb-2019ThursdayClass Presentation-U.K.G
08-Feb-2019FridayClass Presentation-L.K.G
12-Feb-2019TuesdayIntra-Class English Calligraphy Contest-K.G

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